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Leather Jackets FAQs

How do I take care of leather?

You must condition every leather product to ensure that it will be resistant to water, weather and average wear and tear.  There are numerous leather conditioners available that are great at keeping any type of leather in good shape.  Use a lint free cloth and always apply the conditioner to the cloth, not directly to the boot. It's better to do several light applications as opposed to one soaking dose. You should apply conditioner to your leather every 5-6 months.   Leather stains easily and if you allow anything to soak into the leather chances are its not coming out… ever! If Storing your leather properly when  not in use is also essential.  Before you store your leather wear away, you should clean and condition it.  To help your leather maintain shape you can you can stuff it with acid free paper.

What are the most popular types of leather?

Cowhide leather is extremely sought after because it is extremely durable and has a very unique texture.  Leather bags made of cowhide will typically last longer than bags made from other types of leather.  Lambskin leather is popular because it is exceptionally soft and has a smooth texture.  It is not as durable as cowhide and often times it will tear and scratch much easier.  However, because lambskin is light weight it is great for leather bags of any type.  Faux leather is often made of other materials that resemble leather.  It is much cheaper than actual leather, and often times does not crease, scratch or tear. Faux leather can be extremely durable and smooth so it often preferred in the manufacturing of hand bags.   

Why should I choose leather over other materials?

Leather has always been extremely popular in some form or another.  From clothing to recreation and even housing leather has been used for centuries. While times change so do the popular styles but it always seems as though leather is incorporated into the newest trends.   Additionally,   leather is resilient to wear and tear and even has many unique textures that are unlike any other material.  Anything you purchase made from leather will last for years as.  You can use leather on a daily basis and  it will still last because it is by far the most durable natural material available.


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