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Leather Boots

There are hundreds of styles of leather boots.  From the latest trend in women’s boots to the best steel toed work boots all can be found in leather.  Leather has always been popular with footwear because it is extremely durable, comfortable and stylish.  Regardless of the type of leather or the style of boot you purchase there are steps you can take to ensure you will get the most use out of your boots.  Proper care of leather is essential to prevent the normal wear and tear that occurs on average shoes.  Taking care of your boots properly will make them last longer and make them look new regardless of their real age. 

Keep your boots clean!  While this sounds easy to do, it isn’t always the first thing on your mind.  After a night out it isn’t your first instinct to inspect your boots, however doing so can ensure they last longer and remain in better shape.  Equally if you are using your leather boots for work they are going to get dirty, however a regular cleaning will ensure your boots last.  You most likely paid a lot of money for your boots and you want them to last and stay in good shape. You can use a damp cloth or store bought leather cleaner to shine and clean your boots regularly. 

Condition, condition, condition!  As with any leather you must condition your boots to ensure they are resistant to water, weather and average wear and tear.  There are numerous leather conditioners available that are great at keeping your boots in good shape.  Use a lint free cloth and always apply the conditioner to the cloth, not directly to the boot. It's better to do several light applications as opposed to one soaking dose.

 Store Properly!   Before you store your leather boots away for the summer, you should clean and condition them. If you have particularly tall boots that need to hold their shape, you can stuff them with acid free paper.

Treat Stains Immediately! Leather stains easily and if you allow anything to soak into the leather chances are its not coming out… ever! If you have a stain that won't come out (like oil), use an oil based leather conditioner on the whole boot.  While this will change the color of the entire boot it will camouflage the stain into the color of the boot.

Treat Odors!  Leather has a distinct odor as it is, however leather mixed with foot odor can be deadly. First, try an odor killing spray, misting it lightly towards the sole of your leather boot. If that doesn't work, try a little baking soda. To clean with baking soda, put the boot in a paper bag an open box of baking soda for 24 hrs. You can also fill a sock with baking soda and put it inside the boot.


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