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Leather Jackets

There is nothing more diverse then leather jackets.  You can find the perfect jacket for a day at the office or a joy ride on your motorcycle.  Regardless of your lifestyle there is always a perfect jacket for you! Because leather is so versatile it is easy for it to look chic, professional or even hard core.  Finding the right jacket for your style can be a bit difficult, however with the array of styles available you are bound to find the right jacket for you.  There are numerous reasons one should purchase a jacket made from leather instead of a typical fabric jacket.

Protection: Leather is a lot better when it comes to protection. Leather jackets are extremely tear resistant and offer much protection against the elements.  If you are looking for a perfect jacket to wear on your motorcycle leather is the best option.  When in contact with the asphalt, leather will slide smoothly, or as smoothly as possible, across the surface.

Ventilation: Leather is an extremely thick material, however it is very breath able.  Leather jackets are very well ventilated naturally but also via panels in the jacket.  Ventilation depends a lot on the style of jacket you buy and leather with a thicker membrane or a waterproof coating is far less breathable then natural leather.  However leather will always keep you comfortable. 

Overall comfort: The first few times you wear your new leather jacket it will seem quite stiff.  However, after a while they will be broken in and extremely comfortable.  Leather is often snug and tight fitting so once it is broken it, it will mold specifically to you.  You can also buy larger jackets that aren’t quite tight fitting which can offer you less restriction.  Additionally leather is extremely light weight so your jacket will not bear down on you.  Leather is also great at mimicking your temperature so your jacket  will never be too hot or too cold. 

When purchasing a leather jacket it is important to keep in mind that leather must be treated regularly to help with aging, stretching and even weather resistance.  Leather is always a great choice when you are looking for jackets and you are bound to come across one at every clothing retailer.  If you are looking for a specific style of jacket you can also look on line at multiple outlets that offer leather products.


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