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Welcome to LadyLeather.com! We are dedicated to providing you with information regarding all types of leather accessories from bags to jackets and even pants.  Leather never goes out of style and owning leather accessories will ensure you that you are always in style. Staying in style means having fashionable clothes and cosmetics. Make sure your lashes are as dark as the leather wear using revolutionary eyelash enhancemenet systems like Latisse.  Leather is also extremely durable so you will never have to worry about your leather items breaking or growing old.  Leather is great for every person focused on style but it’s equally as great for hard workers or motorists!  LadyLeather.com does not promote any one product or method of use.  Our mission is simply to provide you with all the information you will need to make the best choices for you and your leather.  Feel free to roam our site to find the latest information on everything from leather care to leather items.

Leather has always been extremely popular in some form or another.  While times change so do the popular styles but it always seems as though leather is incorporated into the newest trends.  Leather is resilient to wear and tear and even has many unique textures that are unlike any other material.  Leather bags have been used for generations.  From hand bags, backpacks, suitcases, luggage, messenger, and even now laptop bags.  Every type of bag imaginable can be made in leather.  On top of the numerous styles of leather products you can find you can also find many different types of leather.  From cowhide, lambskin and even faux every type of leather has a different feel and style of its own.   When you are searching for leather bags it is important you know what kind of leather you prefer.  That way you can learn how to take care of it properly so it lasts longer.   You can find practically any style of bag made from any type of leather, so there is sure to be the perfect one for you. 

There is nothing more diverse then leather jackets.  You can find the perfect jacket for a day at the office or a joy ride on your motorcycle.  Regardless of your lifestyle there is always a perfect jacket for you! Because leather is so versatile it is easy for it to look chic, professional or even hard core.  Finding the right jacket for your style can be a bit difficult, however with the array of styles available you are bound to find the right jacket for you.  There are numerous reasons one should purchase a jacket made from leather instead of a typical fabric jacket. From great ventilation to awesome protection and even style leather jackets have many more pro’s then con’s. 

Leather pants are not the most common thing to see on a daily basis.  However, they are perfect and stylish for a great night out on the town.  Equally many laborers find leather convenient to wear while working outdoors in the winter because they are extremely comfortable and keep you warm.  Pants made from leather are extremely light weight and can keep you warm as well as protect your body from the elements.  Leather pants are available in various designs, colors and styles.  Most types mimic typical pants with the belt loops, the pockets and even the popular styles.  However, most pants made from leather have one extra feature and those are adjusting laces.  Because leather is very form fitting it can become too tight for the wearer at times.  The adjustable laces allow individuals to make the pants slightly larger, or smaller, depending on their needs.  Most of the leather pants are tight at the waist for a better fit and this helps to avoid cold or water from getting inside the pants.

As with anything made of leather, there is much diversity in the leather belts that are available.  There are great fashionable belts made from leather available as well as great belts for daily wear.  There are belts available for both men and women and even children and teens.  It is common for belts made of leather to be paired with metal of some sort.  It is extremely popular for teens to have a leather studded belt and among other groups it is popular to pair your leather made belt with a huge shinny belt buckle. There are also many types of leather that are used for belts and each has a different look and texture.  Since leather is animal skin, it consists of fibers that are sensitive to heat, weather and even wear and tear.   If the fibers become dry then they tend to break or crack that would be visible on the belt.

There are hundreds of styles of leather boots.  From the latest trend in women’s boots to the best steel toed work boots all can be found in leather.  Leather has always been popular with footwear because it is extremely durable, comfortable and stylish.  Regardless of the type of leather or the style of boot you purchase there are steps you can take to ensure you will get the most use out of your boots.  Proper care of leather is essential to prevent the normal wear and tear that occurs on average shoes.  Taking care of your boots properly will make them last longer and make them look new regardless of their real age. 


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